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King Henryk III Linijka the young king

King Henryk Linijka, III (a.k.a. the young king)

King Henryk Linijka is a twenty-five year old human. He ascended the throne just under four years ago and now has to deal with the problems his father, King Ziven Linijika VI the Merry, left his son. In addition to being the King of Fumaya he is also the Duke of Linijka   King Henryk’s father was a selfish wasteful man who cleaned out the royal treasury built up by three generations of thrift. He was also lazy and inattentive allowing many problems among his vassals to crop up.   King Henryk is a kind man who does not want to overtax is commoners, so to free up funds he cut back on royal luxuries and fired a lot of his staff. This barely made a dent in his budgetary woes.   Henryk grew up on tales of how duplicitous the Masks can be and they are the only person or group that he has access that he can borrow money from except in theory the dwarven nation of Stahlheim , and the dwarf king said no.   The young King Henryk is a good king who wants to do right by his people, but he is pretty much broke and he doesn’t want to overburden his people with his taxes. In the north border villages are being extorted by orcs, the south Swynfaredia is flexing their muscles and testing the borders, and the capital is riddled with crime.   King Henryk has tightened his purse strings. He has cut back on luxuries a lot and lives very modestly for a king. The goal is to free up funds to support his soldiers but this has some unwanted, and for Henryk not fully realized, side effects.   Some of the king’s vassals support his budget priorities, but others miss their tournaments and festivals. Henryk laid off a fair number of servants and courtiers. Many of these individuals are bitter about losing their jobs, and more than a few of them learned some juicy and dangerous gossip. A lot of these embittered individuals have been selling their secrets to the highest bidder.  


Family Ties

The young king Henryk has a three year old daughter and a one year old son who is the crown prince.   Henryk has no brothers in line for the crown, most of his siblings are bastards. Henryk’s late father was lecherous and didn’t care for Henryk’s mother much (the queen mother is still alive).   Henryk gets along with some of his half-siblings better than others. A few of his bastard siblings are resentful of Henryk's legitimacy. So far, none of them are bold enough to seek claiming Henryk's crown but more than a few are plotting against him in less grandiose ways.   If the king died without an heir, his elderly uncle would inherit the crown. This uncle in question is not the regicidal type nor are his sons, most of whom joined the Church of Khemra or Hallisan which is generally pro-status quo as a rule, but there are some third parties that wouldn’t mind a dynastic shift.


King Henryk III Linijka the young king


Towards Queen Janah Wiern

Queen Janah Wiern


Towards King Henryk III Linijka the young king

The young king is a just man that is coping with the harsh realities of realpolitik and trying to rebuild his realm's finances after his father's years of waste while coping with many external problems in his nation.

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1812 CE 25 Years old

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