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County of North Lake

The County of the North Lake represents the tiny township of North Lake and the surrounding farmland around it.   The city of King's Lake is the largest city in the land of Fumaya and is the nations capital.   King's Lake is built on the south shore of the main lake of Fumaya where two major rivers intersect.  The township of North Lake is a much smaller settlement on the northern shore of King's Lake.   The township is not quite a traditional township, more like a series of closely tied villages as the northern shore of the lake is dotted with small clusters of fisherman's homes.

Industry & Trade

The township of North Lake has their economy sustained mostly by fishing and supplemented by transportation as ferryman use North Lake as a transportation hub between the city of King's Lake and the northern lands of Fumaya.


North Lake used to be part of the Duchy of Linijka until King Ziven Linijika II opted to break off this portion of his personal demense to make his brother Armand a Count in recognition of his years of loyal and brave service to Fumaya.
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