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Northern Hallisan Chapel of Fumaya

The Northern Hallisan Chapel of Fumaya is technically an active temple, but it is not often used.   The Fumayan Guardians travel here to oversee a few veneration rituals to Hallisan every year, but the rest of the year the temple mostly gathers dust.

Purpose / Function

Like most/all temples, the temple was built at a site of worship.   The original intent was to provide the Guardians a permanent base and headquarters in County of Polnoc, but the Fumayan Guardians don't currently have enough people to keep a permanent staff here, at least not while there is so much threat coming from the south.


The chapel was comissioned by Count Polnoc the Bear, who was quite pious towards Hallisan and had grand hopes for the future of the County of Polnoc and it's relationship to the Guardians.   But the County of Polnoc did not grow or prosper as was hoped in most regards and the Northern Hallisan Chapel of Fumaya arguably is a monument to Polnoc's failed aspirations.
Temple / Church
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Owning Organization

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