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Ivanna City

Ivanna City is the second biggest city in the land of Fumaya, far smaller than King's Lake but far larger than any other settlement in Fumaya.


When the city was much smaller, essentially a large village, Frymar the Swift named the township, Ivanna, after his wife as of one of his first acts as Duke.   Overtime the settlement grew gradually in size until Duke Casmir Frymar's reign caused the town to grow rapidly in wealth and population.   Casmir reforged the Ivanna township into a center of commerce acting as a middleman for trade between Meckelorn and Codenya as well as a middleman hub for trade between Meckelorn and Codenya with Fumaya and Swynfaredia. The township grew into what can be called a proper city.


Ivanna City is a river town built on both sides of a river crossing the Duchy of Frymar flowing west to east, slightly south.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The city itself has a river that is navigable from Meckelorn during the summer and fall and dwarf traders usually take advantage of it every year.   The river is navigable the other direction except in the winter and wood elf traders occasionally use this.   Humans can use the river to travel to Meckelorn but they cannot normally use the river to travel to Codenya without special permission.
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