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Duke Nanda Frymar

Duke Nanda Frymar is a human is in forties with very earthy traits.   Duke Frymar is unpopular with the other vassals of King Henryk.  He has a well-deserved reputation as a selfish miser and the other    Many in the other noble house accuse Frymar of not pulling his weight in the defense of Fumaya.   Duchy of Frymar happens to be more or less in the middle of Fumaya which means it is reasonably well insulated from orc barbarians to the north of Fumaya or a potential invasion from Swynfaredia.  Duke Frymar only moves men and supplies out of his borders with extreme reluctance.   Duke Frymar is the richest noble in all of Fumaya, primarily because he has successfully set himself up as a middleman for trade between the dwarves of Meckelorn and the wood elves of Codenya kalazotz

Duke Nanda Frymar is a middle age nobleman, lord of the duchy of Frymar. He is a middle aged man of medium build who takes effort to project an air of wealth and prestige. The PCs have written him off for being somewhat of a jerk

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Castle Frymar
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1797 CE 40 Years old
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