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North Fort aka Fjort of the Fjord

North Fort is the direct Elven translation of the small Fort that the Elven Empire, government built at the mouth of the Great Fjord of West Colassia.   The Fjort of the Fjord is a mocking nickname humans gave the fort.   Given how cold it gets in the Great Fjord of West Colassia, and how elves don't like being cold (does anyone really like being cold?), assignment to the Fjort of the Fjord is viewed as a punishment assignment for unruly officers or soldiers of the Empire.   While technically built as a military installation, the Fort is in reality a merchant outpost to facilitate trade between the Elven Empire and the Laguza.


Roughly even mix of humans and elves and the rare occasional half-elf .

Industry & Trade

The inhabitants depend on supply runs from the main areas of the Elven Empire or from bartering with the local Laguza for supplies (which means they need things from the Elven Empire to barter with).


Originally this fort was intended to be a military fort to supply the Imperial Fleet and facilitate exploration in West Colassia's but as the Elven Empire's colonial ambitions retracted, they cut the staff at Fjiort of the Fords.


For most of year, North Fort has about fifty people manning it. During the summer months, the population swells almost tenfold considerably as the Elven Empire sends trade delegations with the Laguza.
Founding Date
Outpost / Base
50-450 depending on the time of year
Inhabitant Demonym
Fort Elves
Owning Organization

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