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Bloody Pass

The realm known as Bloody Pass is, despite a small population, one of the most vital Meckelorn settlements that is entirely on the surface. It is something of a cross between a military camp, trading post, and small town or large village.   On official documents it is called named Central Junction Kryssentra in the Dwarven language. Most locals and outsiders alike call this region "Bloody Pass" because of its very bloody history. It's also been called "Rangers Crossing" because this is an extremely common meeting hub for dwarf rangers.   While the region boasts little in terms of local resources, it is strategically vital to Meckelorn. Bloody Pass happens to be roughly equidistant from three major entrances between Scarterra and Scarnoctis. The Meckelorn Caverns, which encompasses the Great Stone and slightly over half of Meckelorn's habitable underground region, and the Northwest Seam Caverns and the Northeast Seam Caverns (which I am likely to rename later).   It is also a reasonable distance from as of yet unnamed coniferous forest of decent size where dwarf rangers like to hunt and trap and dwarf lumberjacks collect timber and firewood.


Bloody Pass has about 400 permanent residents, and about 300 residents who choose to spend their winters elsewhere.   At any given point there are typically between 100 and a 1200 transients "passing through." The number of transients swells in the summer and reaches it's low point just before the Scarterran New Year's Observances.   Over 90% of the full time residents and regular visitors are dwareves. You see a couple hardier gnomes, tengku, and kalazotz, and a rare few humans.   Given this place just screams "Adventure Hub" a disportionately high percentage of the population are on the the Dragons' Path than most other places.   There is debate among outsiders whether the locals here are a bit on the disreputable side or if they among the best dwarves in Meckelorn. Best not to make assumptions.


The Warden of Blackstone Castle is appointed directly by the king of Meckelorn. While technically answerable to the king, the Warden has a lot of discretion to run the region as he sees fit.   Many of the king's vassals are hereditary positions, but the Warden of Blackstone Castle is a lifetime appointment that does not carry over to heirs that is supposed to be assigned by merit and usually gets assigned to a retired soldier or adventurer with a stellar reputation.   Some of the clan's have attempted to make the Warden of Blackstone Castle a hereditary position (with one of their own holding the position in perpuity), but this has so far been staunchly resisted by rival clans, the local populace, and the royal family, so the status quo is unlikely to change.   The Warden of Blackstone Castle is responsible for seeing to defenses of the region. He can also try and sentence in the name of the king.   The Warden also can mediate non-criminal disputes, but he really doesn't like doing this. If called in to make a judgement, he will usually come up with something that neither party likes encouraging people to work out their trade disputes themselves.   There are some untitled community leaders that are widely respected in Bloody Pass and they generally get along well with the Warden who always takes their advice and recommendations seriously.


Bloody Pass is guarded by Blackstone Castle, a small vertically oriented dwarf-made castle carved into the side of a mountain that stretches towards the sky and has a deep dungeon.   It is called Blackstone Castle because the stones used to build are very dark, while technically not black per se,
"Blackstone Castle" sounds better than Very "Dark Grey Roctle, and given that there is a prominent Greystone dwarf clan, calling it Dark Greystone castle would be confusing.   The northwest side of the castle is the side of a mountain. The south east side of the castle has a cramped village build around it and there is a modest stone wall was serviceable guard towers built around the village.   By human standards, the walls look great. The towers even have swiveling scorpion crossbows capable of shooting down dragons.   But by dwarf standards the walls need much rennovation, but Meckelorn has been struggling to find the funds necessary, but the dwarves want to make the walls taller, thicker, and they want to expand the size of the walled village area.   Only about a quarter of the locals live inside this walled village or the castle proper. About half the locals live in buildings a short distance outside the walls and about a quarter live quasi-hermit lifestyles within a reasonable travel distance of Blackstone Castle but not within sight of it.   In the event of trouble, the dwarves are all expected to retreat and regroup behind the village walls, but it is very cramped if everyone comes at once.

Industry & Trade

Bloody Pass is not self-sufficient for food or most other resources and they have to import almost every basic supply, but due to it's centralized localized the location is a hub for rangers, prospectors, and reagent foragers. This sort of environment attacks a lot of adventurers of various stripes, both of the heroic and criminal type and by extension attracts a fair number of merchants and traders.


During the Great Meckelorn Exile and the War of Meckelorn's Liberation, Kryssentra was the center of many, many battles and the control of this little settlement changed hands many times as the dwarves and their many enemies attacked, retreated and counterattacked via the three nearby cavern entrances. Hence the name "Bloody Pass" has stuck since a lot of people died here trying to claim this parcel of land.


Moderately far up north and at a very high elevation, Bloody Pass is pretty cold.

Natural Resources

Bloody Pass has little in terms of its own resources but it is a centralized hub for land trade and is at least moderately close to various resources such as stone quarries, timberland, hunting grounds, and reagent rich land for those able to brave the elements and dangers to seek these things.
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