Village of Sunfire Mountain

The Village of Sunfire Mountain is a small dwarf village that was built around the Sunfire Mountain temple which is a temple to the goddess Khemra build over a relatively safe active volcano.   On paper, the village is an outlying satellite settlement of Bloody Pass but in practice this village is run entirely by The Sóleið, aka Dwarf Keepers.


About a hundred dwarves live here, plus two or three gnomes. Mostly The Sóleið and their families.   Basically there is a master forger theurgist and a couple apprentices. The rest of the people see to the needs of these blacksmiths.


Like the Bloody Pass that this village is a part of, the region has changed hands many times and the buildings in the area have been sacked and rebuilt many times.   Originally the famous volcanic forge was controlled by the Guardians, but it was taken over by orcs, then dwarf guardians again, then a dragon, then orcs again, etc.   The last time the region was liberated/conquered, the effort was led by a hero of The Sóleið, so the king opted to bequeath the forge and surrounding land to dwarf Keepers as a semi-autonomous region.

Points of interest

The main point of Interest is the Sunfire Mountain Temple which has a volcano powered forge that can be periodically used at certain times of the year (depending on what the volcano is currently doing) to forge metal magical items.   Magical items forged at this forge typically cost 5%-10% less in terms of reagents required.


The The Sóleið, aka Dwarf Keepers run things here though they are technically subservient to the Warden of Bloody Pass is expected to see to the defense of this little village/bishopric. The Warden does not like to micromanage so the Keepers get to manage their own affairs.   For their, the local Keepers are expected to sell the Warden's forces magical items at a discount.
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