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the Dragons' Path

Any player of RPGs understands how player character gain experience points form doing cool things and advance their character.   Arguably this is not always realistic, but Scarterra is a fantasy world and this potential for character advancement is a metaphysical law.   When the Nine overthrew and slew Turoch during the Divine Rebellion, they gained a large portion of his power and became true gods and goddesses.   The surviving mortal souls who fought beside the Nine also got a tiny portion this power and they became the first dragons.   Because this was essentially the birth of Scarterra in its current form, this means that advancement through struggle became woven into the fabric of reality, so all mortals that came since can advance their abilities and strengths fairly rapidly if they overcome struggle.   Individuals who deliberately seek out dangerous challenges to overcome in the hopes of gaining greater power and abilities are often said to be "taking the Dragon's Path".
Metaphysical, Supernatural

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