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Proud of their adherence to the traditions and famous ancestors, the Greystone Clan is the most prestigious and renown clan in Meckelorn. The king himself is a member of this clan. The king by tradition is not to show favoritism to his family as the entire kingdom is ostensibly his family. That said the Greystone Clan can open a lot of doors with their family name alone.   The Greystone Clan has a lot of shirttail royals that have famous names but no significant titles or lands to back up their names. The Greystones do not generally have as much coin as they'd like, but the have to maintain a respectable appearance and act like they ware well-todo.   The Greystone Clan made a formal declaration of friendship with the Tlalli kalazotz clan and are strong proponents of the dwarves general friendship with the kalazotz race as a whole.  

Filial Piety

  Being of royal blood, they take pride in being the epitome of everything a dwarf should be, so they are very hidebound traditionalists and have a marital focus. While the Greystones are proud of the mighty deeds of their ancestors, they don’t want to lose sight of the here and now. They venerate their ancestors on holidays and funerals but they say the best way to honor their ancestors is to do honorable and valorous deeds today. Each son or daughter of the clan has a lot of pressure on them to make a name for themselves.   There are some accusations among other clans that their displays filial piety are not genuine are and are simply for show.


The clan still has ancient artifacts and heirloom treasures but they are so valuable they are almost literally priceless. The clan cannot sell these items without dishonoring themselves and even if they could, where would they find a buyer?


While the clan has genuinely pious members, often acts of worship are as much for public appearances as they are for honoring the Nine.   For most of their history, the Greystones viewed Hallisan as their family patron and the other deities got token worship, but recently the clan elder, Toregarth has named one of the Masks of Phidas as his personal advisor and is pushing greater Phidas worship on the whole family. Presumably because he wants the god of commerce to bring additional wealth into the family. Time will tell if this move will work. It is controversial and has already caused dissatisfied grumblings among the other clans.

Greystone Clan on the Others

  Hear the wisdom of Elder Toregarth Greystone   Red Shaft Clan: Strong warriors of great honor, and best of all they take direction well.   Red Scales Clan: They are mildly useful in helping elevate the kalazotz, but they spend too much time in their shrines to get anything useful done.   Dragonbane Clan: A bunch of puffed up rangers get lucky and kill a dragon, and they think this act can disguise their peasant blood?   Heart's Fire dwarf clan: They are pleasant and helpful now, but their fiery hearts change course like the wind.   Order of the Stone: Their motives are pure, but their cause is obsolete. There is no danger of Stahlheim and Meckelorn going to war right now. It makes more sense for the Guardians to return administration of the Great Stone to those born to it.   Priesthood of Mera: Pleasant enough and they keep the peace at home, but they aren’t worth much consideration.   The Sóleið: Khemra has her place, but we dwarves are so naturally disciplined that their priests are redundant for us. The human noble families might need Keepers to remind them of their duty, but we do not.   Priesthood of Phidas: They are our allies for now, but we are watching them closely.   Rangers: It is good that all the clans great and small, have a place to put their least social members where they can still serve the nation.   Maiden Guard: We haven’t had a major attack on the home front requiring them to take to arms in a major way in almost century, but I do not think it is wise to let our guard down at this time. As much as I do not like the cost of maintaining a second army, it is a cost we must endure.   Armorers Guild of Meckelorn: It is the duty of all smiths to provide high quality arms to the clans to defend us all. It is galling that they set terms to us. Worse, this is emboldening the other guilds to defy us and if they all follow suit, we will be dancing on the puppet strings of the tengku just like the Stahlheimers.   Kalazotz: The bat folk ask for little and provide us much. Thus, I am happy to pretend I’m not grossed out watching them eat.   Stahlheim: It is good to play at commerce, but it is bad to let one’s blade grow dull. Will coins protect them should the Elven Empire, Swynfaredians, or Uskalans come for them?   Mondert: It is a pleasant diversion to speak to a pilgrim when they show up, but I do not otherwise see why we need to worry about our backwards human-loving cousins.   Kantoca: These humans have great honor and great courage…unless that courage requires them to take their precious steeds over rough terrain. They are even slower to come to our aid than the Stahlheimers.   Border Baronies Region: We have an alliance of pragmatism with the Freistadters and we are taking a gamble supporting the Barony of Bats. That’s probably enough. We want to have eyes on the Borderlands, but we do not want to get too deeply involved.   Fumaya: I hope the Great Boot can endure, but we cannot afford to send them aid when we have our own issues to deal with.   Swynfaredians: The dragon is poised to either eat its own tail or else they will eat up half the continent.   Codenya: The wood elves are neither our enemies nor our allies. This is satisfactory.   Uskalans: Since King Drosst has halted his expansion over a century ago, it has become easy to ignore these humans far away from us. Perhaps too easy.   Orcs: Our great grandfathers expelled the orcs from our lands. Our grandfathers and fathers rebuilt our fortifications. Once we have rebuilt our war chest, it will fall on us and our sons to make sure the orcs never rise to threaten us again.   goblins: Vermin, but the Dagger Sheaths are useful to use as training for our youngest warriors to cut their teeth on them.   Kobolds: Some are hostile, some are friendly, but they all claim to be friendly when cornered. I have better things to do than sort out the good kobolds from the bad ones. If the “friendly” kobolds are wise, they should keep their distance from us.
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