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This is based on the the Qalupalik of Inuit folklore, adapted to the cosmology of my mythos of Scarterra.
"You must not play to close to the edge of the ice floes child, lest the Qalupalik takes you into her frozen lair where you will never be seen again."   -Enapay, Laguza fisherman
      Qalupala is a unique Fair Folk who pays lip service to the Water Court but more or less acts on her own volition. Given that the Water Court generally avoids chilly waters and Qalupalika loves swimming in chilly waters, it is pretty easy for her to avoid having to bow and scrape to the Water Court's edicts, especially their edict to leave Scarterran mortals alone. She certainly does not leave land dwelling mortals alone. She is a scourge on the Laguza who hunt and fish near her watery territory.   Her eerie but enchanting humming and her rhythmic tapping on ice floes sometimes creates an enticing sound to lure children to the edge of ice floes. Children taken by her are never seen again. Most Laguza assume Qalupalika eats the flesh of her victims and this is what they tell their children, but in Qalupalika doesn't take children to feed on their flesh, she feeds on their fear and misery and to a lesser extent to taste the despair of the children's parents and tribe mates.   Spends about nine months of the swimming around the Great Fjord of West Colassia and spends the summer months in the realm of Fae Home to maintain her limited to ties to other Fair Folk.     Her special weaknesses, or fae echoes have yet to be discovered though those familiar with the lore of the Fair Folk know that Qalupalika must have at least one Echo, more likely two. One thing that is slowing down the Laguza's efforts to find Qalupalika's Echoes is the fact that not all of her enemies knows she is fae, some believe she is a vengeful spirit, undead monstrosity, or a murderous but otherwise Scaraquan.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Qalupalika has a build resembling an average human woman, maybe even a little bit more petite than average, but like many fae, she has uncanny strength for her size. She also is uncannily tough able to withstand damage as well as a heavily armored mortal and healing rapidly.   She is a agile and fast, both on land and in the seas, especially good at sprinting.

Body Features

Qalupalika has human-like humanoid features but she has light great skin that is slightly scaly. She has long black hair that seems to flow around her head, even when she is out of the water.   When she is not revealing her mouth of pointy teeth, she could even be considered conventionally beautiful though she always has an aura of menace around her.

Special abilities

She is fully amphibious able to move and survive on sea and land with equal faculty, though she prefers the water and rarely moves far inland.   She is physically powerful and tends to rely on her physicality more than her magic but she has some potent magic. She can weave compelling auditory and visual illusions and can heal herself and others (though she rarely chooses to heal others). She can also bestow water breathing and enhanced swimming abilties on Scarterran mortals or bestow air breathing abilties and enhanced land movement abiliteis on Scaraquan mortals. She usually uses this to trap victims out of their element.

Apparel & Accessories

She typically dresses in the same manner of the Laguza humans, mimicking their pragmatic outdoor wear either out of modesty or a desire to blend in with or mock the Laguza. Qalupalika does not physically need to wear clothes to survive the elements in or out of the water.   She wears no special jewelry or luxury adornments.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1425 CE 413 Years old
Aligned Organization

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