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Water Court

With the The War of the Fae Courts over, most of the courts have completely suspended their grand design to terraform the entirety of Fae Home into their element.  The Water Court has chosen instead to narrow their battlefield.   In a metaphysical sense, the oceans are not purely made of water. The sea floor is composed of the essence of Earth, the heat currents are the essence of Fire and the bubbles and currents are the essence of Air. That said the Water Court believes their future is in Scaraqua. All four Courts and the various Court-less factions all want to control as many portals between Fae Home and the Mortal Plane as possible and the Water court bet all their chips on Scaraqua  The other three Courts can try to meddle with humans and other Scarterrans, but the Water Court is content dealing almost exclusively with Merfolk even ignoring most other Scaraquans. The Water Court is trying to keep the other three Courts and the various Court-less factions out of the seas as much as possible while the water aspect fae that are not affiliated with the Water Court have almost uncontested control of the lakes, rivers, wells, and rainfall of Scarterra because the Water Court doesn't find these fae worth the effort of bringing to heel.   Like the other three Courts, not all the water aspect fae obey the dictates of the Water Court.  Some pay the court mere lip service, some are in open rebellion, and a great many are merely indifferent to their native Court.     Most but not all court renegades choose to focus on lakes, rivers, and wells in lieu of the sea.  Water aspect fae like being hard to read, but unfortunately for them it is usually pretty easy to tell if a water aspect fae is a staunch supporter of the Water Court or if they are an opponent of the Water Court. Use your nose. Court supporters usually smell of salt and court renegades usually do not.
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