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Fae Home

The Fae Home, also known as the Fae Realm is a dimensional plane that is linked to Scarterra, Scaraqua, and Scarnoctis in many locations.  It is also linked to The Elemental Plane which characterizes the realm greatly.


Fae Home has mountains, valleys, forests, plains, tundras, seas, trenches, and other geographic landmarks similar to those in Scarterra and Scaraqua.   The geography of Fae Home correlates with Scarterra and Scaraqua. If a location in Scarterra has a large lonely mountain, the corresponding location in Fae Home probably has a large lonely mountain there too. Forests, oceans, lakes, river, canyons, trenches and the like also have their fae counterparts.   Terrain is often more fantastical in Fae Home than in the material plane. Forests are thicker, mountains are steeper, deserts are hotter, ocean trenches are deeper, etc. That is not even counting blatant supernatural terrain which often has an elemental theme to it.   The energies of the The Elemental Plane wash over Fae Home in subtle or not so subtle ways. A forest of fire aspect trees might simply radiate warmth and have a red color or they might be perpetually on fire.

Localized Phenomena

In Scarterra, it is common for nobles to say the lord and the land are one. In Fae Home this is often literal. In inhabited areas, the local weather will often but not always conform to the emotional state and general mood of the king or queen of a demesne.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna of Fae Home superficially resembles that of Scarterra and Scaraqua but most of the plants and animals have an elemental aspect to them such as earthy deer, fiery lizards, and icy wolves.  Collectively, these creatures are often called sprites, though "sprites" is a catch all term for all creatures of Fae Home that are not the Fair Folk themselves.


During the the Divine Rebellion, there were many lesser servants of Turoch who chose to remain neutral. After Turoch was slain, the Nine did not want to destroy these beings but neither di they want to given them a free rein to do as they wished.   Turoch's home plane being the center of most of the fighting during the Divine Rebellion , lay mostly in ruins, but it still had lots of space and cosmic potential. The Nine ceded this realm to the neutral former servants of Turoch who ultimately became the ancestors of the Fair Folk.   The Fair Folk  used their magic to connect their new home to the The Elemental Plane and used this both for energy and building material to shape Turoch's ruined former home plane into a realm they could be proud of.   The connection to the Elemental Plane  was damaged during the First Unmaking which altered Fae home at least as much as the First Unmaking altered the material plane forcing the Fair Folk to adapt and rebuild as best as they can.   No longer able to get all their needs met from the Elemental Plane  alone, the Fair Folk needed to draw on the resources and energy of the mortal plane and created many gateways between Fae Home and the material plane to facilitate this. By the the Third Age there are hundreds of gateways scattered across Scarterra and Scaraqua.   Possibly as a result of the connections to the mortal plane, or possibly due to Fair Folk designs, Fae Home is coming to resemble the mortal plane more and more each passing decade. If there is a gateway between worlds on a tall mountain in Scarterra  it probably leads to a very similar tall mountain in Fae Home.


In general, Fair Folk  are far more likely than enter the mortal plane than mortals are likely to enter Fae Home, but more than a few adventurers or fools try it.   Most of the portals between Fae Home and the mortal plane are uncharted so many mortals and even an occasional Fair Folk  will accidentally cross over without meaning to often finding to their chagrin that the portals are one-way.   It's rare, but there are times called Market Days, where mortals are invited to cross over through certain portals to do trade and commerce with the Fair Folk.
Alternative Name(s)
the Fae Realm, the Faerie Land
Plane of Existence
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