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Air Aspect Fae

Fae in general are known to be fickle and curious hedonists, but air aspect fae have these traits in spades. They are always in motion and eager to try new things and learn new things, but they rarely stay focused on any one task for long. Air aspect fae may or may not be musically talented but they nearly always appreciate music. These fae have to always be in motions, figuratively or sometimes literally Other fae are, but the air fae do. Words commonly used to describe air aspect fae include curious, hedonistic, flighty, fickle, contrarian, talkative, and vain.   Air fae magic includes magic related to travel especially flight. Their magic includes clairvoyance and clairaudience, limited mind control, enhanced speed, healing and vitality.   Fair Folk with mild air aspects superficially resemble mortal humanoids with air elemental ethnicity¬†while Fair Folk with stronger air aspects have more obvious traits such as shifting sky patterns on their skin or constantly wind swept hair like real world people in shampoo commercials.
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