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Earth Aspect Fae

Earth aspect fae are often strong and slow, but not slow as in dumb. The earth aspect fae have some dummies, but no more than the other groups.   They are slow in that they are careful and deliberate, but once they decide to act they act with complete certainty and are terrifyingly relentless. Think of the Ents from Lord of the Rings that spend a long time discussing things but when they go to war, they really go to war. Or imagine a pile of rocks that sits dormant for 20 years and then causes a devastating avalanche with no warning.   Words used to describe earth aspect fae often include the words: stalwart, steadfast, stubborn, focused, stoic, and vain.   Earth fae magic includes enhanced strength and durability as well as an enhanced ability to stand one’s ground and avoid knockdown. Earth fae magic allows fae to meld with the earth and even travel through the earth like the worms from Tremors. Rocks have long memories, so earth fae magic can peer into the past. Rocks are hard to move so earth fae magic can be used to resist hostile magic that changes them such as mind control, emotion manipulation, or hostile transmutation.   Fair Folk with mild earth aspects superficially resemble humanoid mortals with earth elemental ethnicity.  Fair Folk with heavy earth aspects have literally earthy physical traits such as stony skin or metallic eyes.
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