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Earth Court

Sometimes the earth is mellow and doesn’t care what the rest of the world does, a rock is still a rock whether the wind blows or the water flows over it. Sometimes earth can be very controlling deciding where water flows and shaping how winds blow, and fueling or smothering fire. A lot of earth aspect fae are very controlling and want the Earth Court of Fae to dominate everything.    A lot of earth aspect fae would rather live and let live and want the Earth Court to go suck a lemon.  Compared to the other three Courts, few earth aspect fae that are indifferent to the Earth Court or merely provide lip service. Most of the time, it is all or nothing.    The nobles of the Earth Court, like earth itself are slow steady and unyielding.  They remain confident they can still be the dominant Fae power and are carefully plotting to slowly and steadily gain territory, fortifications, and treasure.
Court, Royal
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