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Fire Aspect Fae

Fire aspect fae are passionate first and foremost. They usually act with little forethought and do what feels right, in other words, they are hot heads.    They love and hate with equal intensity until their passions burn out and they ignite their passions for something else entirely. They tend to be artistic and industrious being spiritually connected to the fires that forms pottery and metal. They tend to be social being spiritually tied to hearth fires, but because their passions burn out and reignite elsewhere, they may be social but they are not steadfast. They like to have other people around them, but they are not particularly concerned if it’s the same group of people as it was yesterday. This means romantically, monogamy is almost an alien comncept to them.   Words commonly used to describe fire aspect fae include hot headed, hot tempered, passionate, lustful, social, fickle, intense, curious, and vain.   Fire fae magic of course includes summoning fire and blasting people. They can manipulate inner warmth to survive in hostile environments. They can lower inhibitions or increase courage. They can fan the flames of love or lust or cool them off. They can manipulate light. Fire symbolizes wisdom and keeps the darkness at bay giving them access to more divination and illusion counters than most other elements. They have minor access to sickness and illusion magic via their spiritual ties to smoke which is tied to both sickness and illusion.   Fae with low fire aspect resemble mortal humanoids with fiery ethnicity.  Fae with heavy fire aspects tend to physically manifest fire or the appearance of fire around them, such as having literally fiery hair and glowing red eyes.
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