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Grand Temple of Hallisan, Kantoc

The Guardians use a standard system of terminology to distinguish their places of worship.   Most other priesthooda use the term “temple” to refer to any place of worship that has people living there, but for the Guardians, there are chapels, temples and grand temples. Chapels are the basic places of worship. Each temple has jurisdiction over four to ten chapels. The Grand Temples hold jurisdiction over several temples. Originally the Grand Temple was supposed to direct policy for all Guardians but now there are at least four temples auditioning to be the Grand Temple for the entire world.   Any Hallisan oriented place of worship with at least three Guardians living and working there is deemed a "chapel".  The head of a chapel is titled a Mother of Father.   A "temple" is a regional center of power that has several chapel heads reporting to it.  The head of a temple is titled the Grandmother or Grandfather.  If there is a vacancy in this post, the chapel heads will normally vote or appoint one of their own to take the position of grandmother or grand father.   The "Grand Temple" is the supposed head of all Guardians everywhere, ruled by a Grand Elder elected by all the Temple Heads.  In the year 1837, Scarterra has four "grand temples' when in theory there should only be one.  The Grand Temple of Kantoc is the largest and most prestigious temple and the closest thing the Guardians have to a global center.   The Grand Temple is undisputed spiritual heart of the Guardians in Kantoc, Fumaya, Swynfaredia, Uskala (though they don't have many Guardians).   The Guardians  in East Colassia will politely listen to the Grand Temple's messengers but they don't feel beholden to them.  The veneer of politeness if even thinner in Umera and Penarchia is even weaker.  Both lands believe they should report to a Grand Temple of their own continent.   The Elven Empire, government and the dwarf nations of Meckelorn and Stahlheim all have a fair number of Guardians but they don't believe they should answer to a human temple.
Founding Date
307, though it was razed to the ground in 504 and reconstructed in 584
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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