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Southeast region of Swynfaredia

The southeast quarter of Swynfaredia borders Old Swynfaredia Region and the Swynfaredian Grey Forest to the north. It borders the Southwest Region of Swynfaredia to the west with a large river separating them. The eastern border is with the land of Uskala. The southern border is the sea.


The region is tied into Kingdom of Swynfaredia's feudal system.   The region is divided into six duchies averaging four counties each.   Richest to poorest the duchies are   The Duchy of Andras controlled by House Gorisonad, counties are controlled by by Gorisonad, Selwyth, County of Manasch controlled by House Manasch, Fremiss-C respectively.   Duchy of Dragons' Mooring ruled by House Numaness, counties are (Numaness, Gorisonad, Fremiss B, Cefnor, and Numaness)   Duchy of Volodar controlled by House Kovenoth. Counties are Kovenoth x2, House Cefnor, and House Gareth.   Duchy of Nerseo controlled by House Numaness. Counties are Numaness (ducal seat), Gareth, Manasch, Fremiss-A.   Duchy of Bryallan controlled by House Fremiss-Bryallan, counties are (Fremiss Bx2, Gorisonad, Kovenoth)   House Fremiss-Angharad

Industry & Trade

The realm is self sufficient for most of their basic needs though not every county and duchy is self sufficient, they have to trade with each other and pay their feudal taxes in whatever they have a surplus of.   The southern coastline has some good natural deep harbors, so the dragon's share of Swynfaredian's overseas trade goes through here.


Swynfaredia conquered most of this realm one tiny piece at a time. The regional powers were too small and fragmented to put up serious organized resistance.   A few of the eastern most provinces joined semi-willingly wanting to avoid being annexed by Uskala who was also swallowing up small fragmented independent realms.


The normal Swynfaredian architecture norms apply here but are muted. There is relatively little good building stone compared to the rest of Swynfaredian, so a lot of buildings are made of timber or clay bricks and are generally less grandiose and tall than other Swynfaredian buildings.


The realm is dominated by lightly forested planes with a few hilly patches here and there.


Temperate leaning slightly towards warm and wet.

Natural Resources

The realm is blessed with a little bit of everything, good cropland, fresh water, wild reagents producing plants, timberland and mineral wealth.

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