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County of Manasch

The County of Manasch is the de facto ancestral and political home of House Manasch.


The county is a vassal state of the Duchy of Andras

Industry & Trade

The County of Manasch is the only county territory in Duchy of Andras without any significant mining operation to speak, but the County of Manasch has a long history of mining the miners which they continue today. This was and is the realm's bread and butter. Incidentally, they can sell buttered bread to hungry miners at a hefty markup.
  While they have to compete with both the Masks and the Arcane Registry, they have a side business acting as lenders to the dragon bloods in the major houses.


by Me with Midjourney
House Manasch built their wealth by acting as skilled middlemen between various mining operations and the farmers and craftsmen that supplied the miners.   This is how a lowly baron from a prestige-less bloodline became a very wealthy baron, and then his son became a "double baron" and his son was able to more or less buy the title of Count becoming the most recent minor house to gain a County seat.


Plains and hills with light to moderate forest cover.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

Fertile farmland and modest timberland. Not much else.
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