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Narecht City

Nerecht City is a city with very ancient roots that is still in use but is a poor fraction of its former glory.


Narecht City was a dragon settlement during the First Age, most of the budlings were toppled or ruined in First Unmaking but the city wasn't completely obliterated. Also it was a river city, and by dumb luck it was adjacent to one of the few rivers that wasn't diverted by the Unmaking making valuable real estate in the the Second Age. They kept the name Narecht City because that name was stamped on so many surviving ruins.   Second Age elves built a new city using the ruins of Narecht City as their building materials and built a thriving trade town that was a major hub for barges of grain and other bulk good until the city was depopulated by Void demons during the Second Unmaking.   The Void demons were mostly interested in killing the people and didn't bother to wreck too many of the buildings, so early humans in Red Era of the the Third Age occupied the ruins and rebuilt the city in their image.   Given how chaotic the Red Era was, the city changed hands many times until it was captured by Vladimir the Conqueror who set up Narecht City as his political seat of power.   When Vladimir was defeated (a long ways away from Narecht City, after a brief effort to cleanse the city of remaining vampires (it is believed more fled than were destroyed). The city became a permanent headquarters for the Order of the Torch but the city changed hands a couple times since then before ending up in control of Kingdom of Swynfaredia.   The city suffered from something known as Mera's Curse resulting in Nerecht City losing it's river. First it was too far away and weak to use for barges, then it became unusable for small boats and convenient drinking water causing the population to mostly leave though the city boasts a few very impressive well built buildings so some people still use these buildings even if most of the normal buildings and homes were left to rot.

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Vladimir the Conqueror set up his palace here. The palace was partially demolished and partially rebuilt a couple times but the bones of the structure remain intact and are currently the home of a Swynfaredian noble.   A few other government buildings created during Vladimir's reign still remain standing and have a similar history.


The city has very extensive abandoned catacombs. Originally created for the First Age dragons to keep their hoards, then it became mundane storage space for Second Age elves to store foodstuffs and other mundane supplies, then it was adapted into daylight sleeping spaces for vampires in the Red Era. Now it is a bunch of empty catacombs but periodically the catacombs will get squatters from the outs of society such as goblin tribes, various criminal groups, anti-government resistant groups, and various marginalized religious groups.
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