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Duchy of Andras

Located in the northernmost region of the Southeast region of Swynfaredia, the Duchy of Andras, named for a famous Swynfaredian warrior sorcerer of yesteryear is something of an economic giant and a political dwarf.   It has a lot of income from their numerous profitable mines but has limited access to the region's main river and by extension, has limited access to the region's port city.


The realm is a direct vassal of Queen of Swynfaredia though is not always a loyal vassal as the realm is controlled by House Gorisonad which is often at odds with the Queen and House Numaness.   The duke pays his taxes on time, but generally ignores the Queen's proclamations and oversight the rest of the year.

Industry & Trade

The realm has many farming villages and decent timberland, but the core of the region's economic backbone is their mineral wealth.


The realm is administratively divide into four counties. House Gorisonad controls the ducal seat. The tohers are controlled by House Selwyth, House Manasch, and House Fremiss-Caedwin.


The realm was given to House Gorisonad as sort of a political booby prize, but substantial mineral wealth was discovered after Gorisonad and allies controlled the land.   It is still a matter of debate whether this was dumb luck or if the Gorisonads were able to pull off an elaborate subterfuge.


The realm is geographically varied with hills, flatlands, and lowlands. Forest cover ranges from none at all to heavy.


On the warm and wet side of temperate.

Natural Resources

Fresh water sources are limited but rainfall is fairly consistent so this is rarely a problem (barring flash flooods). Farming is pretty good on the whole.   The realms claim to fame is various mines and even a couple stalks of haber crystals.
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