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Duchy of Bryallan

The Duchy of Bryallan is the nominal political center of the Fremiss-Bryallan branch of the Fremiss family.


The duchy is a vassal state of the Queen of Swynfaredia.   It is divided administratively into four counties, two controlled by House Fremiss-Bryallan, one by House Gorisonad and one by House Kovenoth.


The House Fremiss-Bryallan is somewhat militaristic in their outlook and the duchy has access to good stone quarries. Not surpisingly, their castles are pretty impressive in both function and artistry.

Industry & Trade

The realm has varied natural resources, but due to a lack of large bodies of fresh water, the realm does not have any significant sized townships which hampers trade and industry a bit.


Originally a relatively unimportant realm, it morphed into the political center of the House Fremiss-Bryallan around the time the faction formalized into a recognized house.


Relative to the rest of the southeast region of Swynfaredia, this duchy is a bit hillier and dryer.


Temperate with fairly mild winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has a good mix of resources including decent farmland and pasture land, modest timberland, low to modest reagents harvesting opportunities, and a few mines.
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