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Duchy of Volodar

The Duchy of Volodor is a coastal province of Swynfaredia and is the center of Swynfaredia's fledgling ship building industry.


The realm is a direct feudal state of Queen of Swynfaredia under the House Kovenoth banner.   The realm is administratively split between four counties, two controlled by Kovenoth, one by House Cefnor, and the last by House Gareth.   It is no secret that the Ceffnor Countess has broader ambitions.   Some believe that she is seeking to either officially supplant the Kovenoth Duchess or set herself as a puppet mistress of the realm.   Others believe that she is simply seeking to build a base of wealth and influence outside of the Swynfaredian feudal system.

Industry & Trade

The realm has a fairly navigable coastline and a lot of timberland so it is little surprise that Swynfaredia's ship building industry is centered here.   They have a small port whose main purpose is to construct new ships with most of the traffic into the port being supplies and men to help build ships.   House Cefnor who controls a nearby county is trying to expand the port into all purpose commerical port to rival the main Swynfaredian port controlled by House Numaness, but the Ceffnors have not gotten support from the local Kovenoths who still control the majority of the realm power in the realm.   Beyond the timberland, the region contains modest reagents producing land and fairly decent farmland.


Volodor was a famous elven warrior during the Second Unmaking with many contradictory accounts of him, but they all agree he was good at killing Void demons. He is not half as beloved as Lensa Vaxidor, but still widely respected.   It has long been held that Volodor was born in this region and died defending it. Even as the land passed from elven to human control, the name Volodor in some form or the other.   When Swynfaredia annexed the territory they kept the name Volodor for the broad region though the changed the name of most of the local sites.


The realm is dominated by a semi-temperate rain forest with various cleared areas for farming.


Subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. The area experiences a lot of rain.

Natural Resources

Timberland, a navigable coastline, and fairly fertile farm and reagent land. Mineral resources are almost negligible.
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