Lensa Vaxidor

Lensa Vaxidor is by some accounts a wizard, a sorceress, a general, and/or a theurgist. Accounts differ on whether she was high born or lowborn, but nearly all elves believe that Lensa earns the lion's share of the credit for the destruction of the Demon Lord known as the Harbinger.   Wood elves, grey elves, and dark elves all claim Lensa Vaxidor is of their bloodlines. Sea elves do not claim Vaxidor was kin as most have never head of her.  
The Harbinger was the first Demon Lord to Fall. Some say he was the strongest Demon Lord. It is generally accepted as common knowledge that Vaxidor destroying the Harbinger is what split Colassia into West Colassia and East Colassia.   While the remnants of six national armies kept the lesser demons busy, at least a hundred mages performed a ritual to call upon enough mystic power to strike down the Harbinger. Whether a result of the magic that killed it or the result of the Harbinger death throes, this effort split the continent of Colassia into East and West Colassia by way of the Demonic Strait. Of course, most elves call it the "Strait of Vaxidor".   -As told by Akeem of Magicland, professor Emeritus of History
In the Third Age, pretty much every single elf on the face of Scarterra claims Vaxidor as one of their direct ancestors. She must have got around a lot.   -Norabruck Grumblespine dwarven Circuit Priestess of Nami
      It was believed that the Harbinger was fought in many places but he was eventually destroyed in the center what is now referred to by most humans as the Demonic Strait though elves call it the Strait of Vaxidor in.   While the death of the Harbinger was good in and of itself, the main benefit of this for the survivors was psychological and not just strategic. Until this time, it was widely believed that the Demon Lords were indestructible. Once news of this victory spread, this emboldened many mortal survivors to come out of hiding and take the offensive against the demon hordes.
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