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Duchy of Trysor

The Duchy of Trysor is the metaphorical jewel of the Southwest Region of Swynfaredia. It is blessed with lots of resources but politically sliced up in many directions.


The realm is a ducal province that is a direct vassal state of the Queen of Swynfaredia currently ruled by a duke of House Numaness.   Like most of the duchies in the Southwest Region of Swynfaredia, the duchy is unified only on paper. Many of the vassals are from Houses that are traditional rivals of House Numaness.

Industry & Trade

The realm is rich in resources but given a lack of concentrated fresh water sources, the realm doesn't have any large cities.   The economic centers are essentially the county castles and the small townships are attached to them.


The Duchy of Trysor is administratively divided into five counties. Two controlled by House Numaness, one by House Gorisonad, one by House Selwyth, and one by House Kovenoth.


Like most of the Southwest Region of Swynfaredia, the Duchy of Trysor was founded during a time of unrest and division, so the somewhat controversial county set up is the result of harsh political compromises.


Topographic mix of elevations between hills and valleys and plenty of plains. Mix of forests and cleared areas.


Temperate leaning towards warm.

Natural Resources

The realm has decent farmland and timberland and moderately abundant water. The main natural resources worth boasting about are minerals and reagents.
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