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Duchy of Caregdya

The Duchy of Caregdya is a landlocked duchy in the Southwest Region of Swynfaredia that would otherwise be unremarkable were it not for the political infighting and instability here.


On paper this is a vanilla duchy controlled by House Fremiss-Angharad, serving the Queen of Swynfaredia loyally like all the other ducal heads.   In reality this territory is ground zero for all the Fremis- on-Fremiss infighting with a House Gorisonad countess quietly profiting from playing them all off each other.


The realm is adminstratively split into five counties. Two are controlled by House Fremiss-Angharad, onen controlled by House Fremiss-Bryallan, one controlled by House Fremiss-Caedwin, and one by House Gorisonad.


This duchy was secured for the original House Fremiss shortly before House Fremiss began to fall apart.   Now House Fremiss-Angharad, House Fremiss-Bryallan, and House Fremiss-Caedwin all hold a sizeable chunk of land here and have to be neighbors with each other.


A mix of hills, valleys, and flat land with moderate forest cover.


Temperate leaning towards warm and wet.

Natural Resources

The region has forests, pastures, and farmland and not much else. There are not a lot of rivers or lakes to provide fresh water but there is fairly consistent rainfall and a decent amount of water underground.
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