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Duchy of Arfordir

The Duchy of Arfordir is in the far southwest corner of the land of Swynfaredia bordering Stahlheim, the Foroden Forest and the sea.


The Duchy of Arfordir is a vassal state of the Queen of Swynfaredia with counties below it.   Unlike most of the duchies in the Southwest Region of Swynfaredia, the Duchy of Arfordir has a fairly good working relationshionship with its subordinate counties. The Counts are not exactly best friends, but at least they don't hate each other which Swynfaredian terms, is fair to good.


The area is fairly wild and unsettled in places and the locals have to deal with more random monster attacks than in most other Swynfaredian territories.   All peasants here have the right to bear whatever weapons they can afford and most of the counts and countesses have opted to sacrifice creature comforts to free up funds to hire more men-at-arms.

Industry & Trade

The realm is relatively sparsely populated with scattered farming and herding villages centered around a few small townships and fairly modest castles.   There is a small port town on the southern coastline with a good harbor but it doesn't have a navigable river feeding it and the weather is often problematic for sailing stunting the economic potential of the harbor. Because the port is not scrutinized near as much as Swynfaredia's main port, it's become an unofficial haven for pirates, smugglers, and other ne'er-do-wells.   None of the counties are particularly well-off and the local counts and countesses don't get to have many nice things as their peers in other regions but at least the peasants aren't starving to death.


The realm is administratively divided into five counties: Two controlled by House Kovenoth, one by House Fremiss-Angharad, one by House Cefnor, and House Numaness.


Temperate leaning towards warm and wet.

Natural Resources

The duchy is not poor but it doesn't have any truly unique resources other than the coastline. Fresh water is somewhat scarce and navigable rivers are non-existant.
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