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Duchy of Tirmyn

The Duchy of Tirmyn is a cursed jewel for House Gorisonad.   It's a land rich in resoures, especially mineral resources but the Gorisonad Duchess has to deal with beligerent and untrustworthy vassals she was saddled with.


The realm is a direct vassal state of the Queen of Swynfaredia. In theory this duchy operates like every other Duchy, but from the inception of this duchy, the ducal family has been deliberately saddled with vassals who would be hard to control.

Industry & Trade

Most of the population is farmers, but the economic driver of the region is its mineral wealth.   There is a good sized town near the central gold mine which is the economic hub for the duchy.


The duchy is split into five administrative counties.   The ducal county seat is controlled by House Gorisonad.   The other counties are controlled by House Fremiss-Bryallan, House Numaness, House Fremiss-Caedwin, and House Gareth   House Numaness and Gareth have long been traditional political rivals of House Gorisonad. House Fremiss-Caedwin is a relatively new and relatively minor rival.


The duchy was annexed into Swynfaredia had a time of instability and political turmoil in the nation. It's controversial county makeup was the result of some harsh compromises.


Mix of plains and hills with modest forest cover.


The general climate is temperate leaning towards warm with fairly high rainfall.

Natural Resources

The region has decent farmland and timberland plus a handful of productive mines.   The ducal county has a literal gold mine making it arguably the single richest county in Swynfaredia in terms of resources.
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