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County of Aurdraig

The County of Aurdraig is the personal demense of the Duchess of Tirmyn. A realm with great tangible wealth and intangible problems created by uncooperative neighboring vassals.


The realm is a feudal county. On paper, it is answerable to the Duchess of Tirmyn, but since the Duchess of Tirmyn and Countess of Aurdraig are the same person, this county answers to the Queen of Swynfaredia via the transitive property.

Industry & Trade

The realm has a profitable gold mine with a river town that is one of the large urban centers in the otherwise relatively sparsely populated Southwest Region of Swynfaredia.   In general, House Gorisonad does not hesitate to use goblin slaves to work their mines, but this particular mine is worked entirely by well paid human workers and a handful of expatriated dwarf overseers.


A river flowing southwest roughly bisects the county. The topography is gently rolling hills that gradually get steeper as one moves northwest.


The general climate is temperate leaning towards warm with fairly high rainfall.

Natural Resources

A productive gold mine, good farmland, modest timberland, and lots of freshwater.
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