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Duchy of Peredur

The Duchy of Peredur is a metaphorically hollowed out pastry. Geographically it includes Blue River City, but politically it does not include Blue River city.


While ostensibly as autonomous as any other duchy, in reality this is a true puppet state of the Queen of Swynfaredia. The realm has little purpose other than to feed Blue River City, which is one of the Queen's most economically important hodings.   The realm includes three counties under Peredur's banner, not counting the fourth county Blue River is in. Two of them are controlled by House Numaness including the official ducal fief, and one is controlled by House Gareth.

Industry & Trade

The Duchy of Peredur is a veritable bread basket of rich crop land. Almost all its surprlus goes to feed Blue River City though.


The Duchy of Peredur was named after the Fang Warrior who was promoted to duke for his service during the Conquest of Talama.   While Peredur made a big jump from Fang Warrior to Duke, he was given a relatively tarnished prize. Geographically, the duchy of Peredur includes Blue River City, but politically Blue River River is a personal holding of the Queen of Swynfaredia, not under the perview of Peredur.   Many speculate that the Queen at the time did not want to yield Blue River City under any circumstances and knew that most high ranking nobles would not tolerate ruling a duchy with the best province cherry picked out, so she rapidly promoted a loyal underling to take the spot.


The Blue River cutting through Old Talama is fed by multiple tributaries and many of these crisscross the green fields of the Duchy of Peredur.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has fertile croplands, pastures, and a some tended woodlands all surrounding several small rivers providing fresh water and a means of transportation.
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