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County of Dragon Falls

The County of Dragon Falls is named for a prominent water fall. It has nothing to do with dragons, but Swynfaredian adds draconic features to their holdings whenever and wherever they can.


Dragon Falls is the unofficial economic center of Duchy of Dwyns. The County of Lesser Dwyns is the official political center of the Duchy of Dwyns. It just so happens that the Duchess of Dwyns has both Dragon Falls and Lesser Dwyns as part of her holdings, making her one of the more powerful duchesses being a double countess of two high income generating realms.
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Industry & Trade

The realm has prosperous farms and a recently replenished luke warm silver mine able to support a small town which is where most of the skilled trades in Duchy of Dwyns are concentrated.


When the province was under Talaman control, this was the poltical center of one of Talama's wealthiest and most prestigious dukes. That family line has been completely extinguished following the Swynfaredia conquest of Talama.


The iconic falls are fed by a river from the mountains. The river supports a town and numerous productive farms. The area around the river is surrounded by more farms and dotted with small wooded areas.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

Rich farmland, a silver mine, and a navigable river make this a coveted province.
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