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Conquest of Talama

Swynfaredia started out as a particularly small territory, over their nearly 900 years of history, the nation has annexed their neighbors one-by-one. The most recent conquest was the nation of Talama.   Talama was not a very remarkable nation, not particularly numerous, wealthy, or influential. What makes them noteworthy is that the conquest of their nation was so recent that a lot of Talaman commonerss still consider themselves Talamans and not Swynfaredian and they recent the Swynfaredians as outside oppressors.   The Swynfaredians slew all the Talaman nobles they could find, but they didn't get them all. A few of them sought refuge in Fumaya, most notably House Deorac  which has resettled into the Duchy of Nerozik .  Some of them sought refuge in the Border Baronies and some went even farther abroad.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign

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