House Deorac

House Deorac is a lesser noble house, their blood line can be found in nearly every nation of Fumaya but the lion’s share of them are banner men or knights serving House Nerozik.   More than a few Nerozik’s have Deorac blood in them. House Deorac used to be the royal family of Talama, a small kingdom that used to border Fumaya until it was annexed by the Kingdom of Swynfaredia nearly two hundred years ago. The Deorac family members that didn’t flee to Fumaya mostly were killed. Those who carry the Deorac blood in their veins hate and fear the Swynfaredians.   While House Deorac do not hold many high offices, they are a political force to be reckoned with in Fumaya and they generally adopt a hawkish attitude toward Swynfaredia though a vocal minority are terrified of the Swynfaredia and are desperate to maintain the fragile peace at any cost.   Lord Sanyi Deorac is the most charismatic and influential of House Nerozik’s vassals and the de facto leader of the “Hawk” faction. He is also a fairly powerful wizard. His branch of the family hired as many wizard tutors as they could for generations figuring the family needed a magical counter to Swynfaredia’s sorcerers. If you live in an echo chamber where you hear about Swynfaredian’s stole your family’s land, murdered your great-great grand parents, and also oppressed wizards despite their superiority to sorcerers you suddenly have a bunch of lords and ladies that really hate the Swynfaredians. They are looking forward to a war with Swynfaredia because they want revenge.   Lord Kade Spadoch is the second most influential of House Nerozik’s banner men and he is a lot more subtle. While his mother’s family was Deorac and he has a little bit of wizards training, but he is otherwise the complete opposite of his cousin Lord Sanyi. His hatred of the Swynfaredians is overpowered by fear of them. He would never dream of conspiring with the Swynfaredians and he hopes Fumaya can hold off any Swynfaredia, but he is making contingency plans to leave and he is aiding others who wish to do the same. The escapists plan is to seek immediate shelter in the Border Barons. Then keep going west and try to find asylum in Kantoc. They are planning to take a lot of gold with them. Maybe they can parley their noble blood and money into a position of some influence in Kantoc.  That's the hope anyway.


Deorac is a mangling of the Gaelic word “exile” and Talama is likewise based on the Gaelic word for land. I’m going to give most Talaman descendants a mix of Polish and Gaelic names. In assimilated parts of Swynfaredia, there is a mix of Gaelic and Welsh based names.
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