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Duchy of Dwyns

The Duchy is named after the first sorcress to serve as duchess of the province Lady Dwyna. It is located on the northern edge of Talama, bordering Fumaya and the Border Baronies.


House Gorisonad holds the ducal title, a direct vassal state to the Queen of Swynfaredia.   In rough order of prestige the counties are County of Lesser Dwyns (official ducal seat)   County of Dragon Falls (unofficial ducal seat)   County of Dragon's Fire controlled by House Selwyth   The County of Apples controlled by House Gareth   Red Pass County controlled by House Fremiss-Angharad

Industry & Trade

Most of the food grown here is consumed by the locals. The main export is mineral wealth and timber plus a little bit of reagents.


The Duchy of Dwyns was named after Gorisonad's greatest warheroine during the Swynfaredian conquest of Talama. Given how much effort the sorcress put taking this land, it's too unsurprisingly she became the first the first duchess of the territory.   Nothing gives you a bigger head than getting a territory named after yourself.

Points of interest

Lord Rhydian ap Goirsonad had a small castle with a large dungeon serving as a Gorisonad black site.


Varied mix of plains, gentle hills, and rugged hills. Mix of thick, thin, and cleared forests.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

Moderately productive farmland, good timberland, and numerous mines.
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