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Lord Rhydian ap Goirsonad

Lord Rhydian ap Gorisonad

House Gorisonad was founded Gorisonad the Wise with the motto "knowledge is power." Gorisonad himself intended this to refer to wisdom and academic knowledge but in subsequent generations as the house because more political, the "knowledge is power" became associated with dark secrets, blackmail material and other espionage secrets rather than academic lore and wisdom. According to their rivals and critics, House Gorisonad turned into a House a Spies.   Thus Gorisonad's spymasters are the very cunning indeed.   Lord Rhydian is/was a wetwork specialist of House Gorisonad.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rhydian was a true born son of a minor branch of the Gorisonad family with no realistic chance of receiving land by birthright alone.   Partially due to his parents not having lots of money for nobles and partially due to an adventerous streak, Rhydian spent a lot of his time growing up on the wrong side of the street so to speak developing contacts in low places and cultivating a ruthless pragmatic streak.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rhydian eventually made a name for himself quietly dealing with difficult situations for House Gorisonad, quietly gaining wealth and status operating in the shadows until he became the unofficial liason between House Gorisonad and the criminal underworld.   He was given a piece of land and put in charge of what was essentially a secret prison for House Gorisonad.

Failures & Embarrassments

Given that he was surrounded by disreputable characters, ore than a few times, Rhydian found himself betrayed but he always survived these incidents and got his revenge until he didn't.   While he never met Kormatin, Kormatin made himself an enemy of House Gorisonad and the House Matriarch asked him to have disreputable sorts remove Kormatin as a threat. He put a large bounty on Kormatin and his companions, but Kormatin had friends in low places too, and two of his friends posing as bounty hunters pretended to turn Kormatin and company in in order to infiltrate Rhydian's secret prison, kill the shady lord and ransack the place of valuables and most importantly clandestine documents.  
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1791 CE 1838 CE 47 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Year of Phidas
Circumstances of Death
killed by Kormatin and company in an elaborate Trojan horse manuever
dark brown with bits of grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
grey earthy skin
Aligned Organization

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