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County of Castlestone

The County of Castlestone is a vassal state of Duchy of Sion and represents one of House Kovenoth's wealthier land holdings.   The County of Castlestone is named for its famously productive stone quarries.


Not too surprisingly, given that House Kovenoth values grand architecture the County of Castlestone has one of the grandest and most impressive county castles and is more impressive than many Swynfaredian ducal castles.

Industry & Trade

The realm produces enough timber and food to meet the population's domestic needs. The region exports stone blocks and a little bit of food.   Countess Erian ap Kovenoth IV intends to establish a school of architecture in her realm to make the County a source of good builders and not simply good building material.


The land used to belong to the Kingdom of Talama. During the Conquest of Talama, House Kovenoth threw almost everything they had to get this land and utterly wrecked the original Talaman castle and rebuilt it to ressemble the older castles in the Duchy of Greater Kovenoth.


A mix of hills and valleys with a river cutting through it and a few small woodlands scattered here and there.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has decent farm and pastureland but their claim to fame are the stone quarries, making the County of Castlestone an almost literal cornerstone for construction projects in the Old Talama Region.
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