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Countess of Castlestone

The Countess of Castlestone is the feudal ruler in charge of the Countess of Castlestone. The position is a direct vassal of the Duke of Sion.   The title is unisex and passes to the eldest direct heir with sorcery, whether they are a sorcerer or sorcress. It just happens to be the case that the current ruler is a sorceress and thus is called "Countess" rather than "Count".


See to the welfare of the populace of County of Castlestone.


Pay feudal tithes to the Duke of Sion and provide men at arms to the Duke when called to do so.


Command the loyalty of the barons and men at arms of County of Castlestone and collect taxes and incomes from the lands. The vast majority of said income comes from its stone quarries.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Except for a fairly modest ducal crown with no magic powers, Countess Erian ap Kovenoth IV actually sold all the magical heirlooms associated with this office.   The ducal crown is famous is that it famously has a prominent chunk of ordinary rock where a gemstone would normally be.
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