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Duchy of Sion

The Duchy of Sion, is named for its first duchess, Sioned ap House Fremiss-Bryallan. A resource rich realm that is divided against itself.


The Duchy of Sion is a direct vassal of the Queen of Swynfaredia.   It is divided into five administrative counties.   Two controlled by House Fremiss-Bryallan, one by House Numaness, one by House Gareth, and one by House Kovenoth.   The Fremiss counts are often at odds with the other three, not to the point of overt violence, but there is a lot of passive-aggressive pettiness.

Industry & Trade

The ducal seat is near a modest sized river town and is the economic center of the area. River traffic and good roads facilitate commerce. Even if the local lords and ladies are feuding, the local merchants and tradesmen usually are able to trade with each other relatively freely.


When under Talaman control, this was a duchy with four counties, but when the Swynfaredians took it over the duchy was redistributed into five pieces.   House Fremiss-Bryallan viewed this as a slight against them and did not like that three out of five the provinces went to the Queen's syncophantic lackeys who they believe swooped in at the last minute when Fremiss-Bryallan did most of the work securing the realm.   There is still bad blood over this today and the Fremiss-Bryallans here are firmly House Gorisonad's political faction out of bitterness against House Numaness.


A mix of plains and hills, lightly forested with numerous farms and cultivated pastures.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has good farmland, good pastureland, productive stone quarries, a couple mines, modest timberland, and a minor magic font.   Because the realm is sliced up into five counties and they don't cooperate particularly well, none of the Counts and Countesses are as wealthy as they feel they are due.
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