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Moonstone County

Moonstone County is the political center of Duchy of Crescent Rock, the personal demense of the Duke of Crescent Rock.


By law, the count of this realm is subordinate to the Duke of Crescent Rock, but by tradition, the Count of Moonstone and the Duke of Crescent Rock are the same person.   By default, this means the Count's true liege is the Queen of Swynfaredia herself. The Queen does not view the realm or its ruler as being especially important and doesn't normally get involved unless her feudal tithe of reagents comes up short.


The current Kovenoth ruler is not a very good diplomat and is rarely able to get his vassals to fall in line, but he is not completely useless as a ruler.   He is a good tactician and manager. He maintains a large contigent of men-at-arms and militia that are well-equipped and well-trained which is handy, because he not rely on the soldiers of his bannermen.   While the duke has received criticism for not giving his castle a Swynfaredian architectural makeover, it is well-maintained and remains as militarily potent as ever, even if it is not pretty to look at.

Industry & Trade

The realm exports a little bit of food and timber, but the true lifeblood of the realm is reagents. The forests have a fair number of bees, giving the realm a secondary export of honey and beeswax.   This is one of the higher income territories that House Kovenoth controls which helps make up for the fact that the duke's vassals routinely stiff him on their tithes.


The realm was the ducal seat of a Talaman duke before the realm was conquered by Swynfaredia.   During conquest of Talama, the ducal castle was taken almost completely intact which then became the seat of the new duke with only cosmetic rennovation since.

Points of interest

The crescent shaped rock surrounded by good reagent is the main point of interest. The ducal castle is the secondary point of interest.


The ducal castle still looks like an old Talaman castle, just with a lot of draconic tapestries hanging from it.


Rolling hills covered in a mix of forest and farmland. The center of the realm has relatively little cleared land other than the immediate area around the ducal castle.   The outer area has relatively few trees, creating a sort of donut of farm land around a forest center. This cultivation was set up deliberately to maximize reagent harvesting which has the side benefit of being good hunting ground.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has fairly productive farmland and a reasonable amount of fresh water and timberland.   The most important resource is a magic font centered around a crescent shaped rock at the center of a forest glen rich in Reagents.
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