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Tapukeah Nicola Memorial Temple

The Tapukeah Nicola Memorial Temple is a centuries old temple built in what is now called Klarica County.   The water supply and to a lesser extant the food supply is contaminated by lead poisoning, so it takes many theurgists with Purification to make the area liveable.   Those theurgists are based in the Tapukeah Nicola Temple. Most of them are Tenders but they are happy to allow theurgists in of any stripe if they are willing to help ease the lead based problems of the area.

Purpose / Function

Ostensibly, the temple's purpose is provide a place of worship for the Mera and to a lesser extant, the Nine as a whole, but in a reality, it's a headquarters and rest area for the Purificationist who make the county liveable.


The original building had a worship chapel and a back storage and sleeping area.   Eventually, the entire original building was converted into a worship space and annex buildings were created to house the permanent staff and any visitors, another annex to store supplies with a kitchen in between them.


The temple complex is fairly modest and spartan, but a temple donor comissioned some bronze statuary from the Turquoise Hills County to spruce up the aesthetics a bit a few years back.


The effects of lead poison were well-known during the Second Age, but the lore was lost during the Second Unmaking.  
Roughly a thousand years ago, the knowledge of the effects was lead poisoning was rediscovered and spread by a Tender named Tapukeah Nicola.   Centuries later, the Tenders constructed a temple named in honor of Nicola though critics say Nicola would not want to see her name and legacy used this way.
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