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Scalenex Progress Report

Poison Detection Jewelry

magic gems that change color when near poisonous substances

1051 words

satyr footwear

uncommonly used satyr foot coverings

833 words

Basim, Confederate Satyr Apothecary And Reagent Dealer

Point of view character in East Colassia

217 words

Master of Clay

179 words

Xalbar the gnome

95 words

Count of West Lake

103 words

Count of East Lake

108 words

Crown Time Drain

A condition that reduces the life span of long-lived creatures

2289 words

magical armor buckles

buckles which bestow magical enhancements to attached armor

797 words

Sir Pie Eater

a self-deprecating Faun jester in Kantoc

900 words

tengku cross-race sales tactics

tengku haggling strategies

1432 words

Old Swynfaredia Region

region of Swynfaredia's original territory

876 words

Swynfaredian Grey Forest

section of the Grey Forest claimed by Swynfaredia

729 words

Old Talama Region

The region in Swynfaredia annexed from the fallen kingdom of Talama

728 words

Grey Forest Gilgren kobolds

Gilgren kobolds assimilated to Swynfaredian culture

933 words

Southwest Region of Swynfaredia

Swynfaredian region bordering Stahlheim and the sea

1202 words

Southeast region of Swynfaredia

region of Swynfaredia bordering Uskala and the sea

584 words

Lone Hill Duchy

Agricultural duchy with one decent sized town in it

378 words

County of Gruffyl

ancestral county of House Gruffyl

453 words

Duchy of Crescent Rock

Swynfaredia duchy sitting on the Fumayan border and housing several recurring villains

330 words

Cost of Living at different lifestyles

numeric guidelines for cost of living at different social levels

2126 words


overview of how potions and the like affect the economy and society of Scarterra

1380 words

Economics of magical items

how permanent magical items fit into Scarterra's economy

1626 words

Turquoise Hills County

the copper fueled cash cow realm of the villain Rohdri ap Gruffyl

871 words

Count of Gruffyl

179 words


169 words

I'd buy THAT for a copper piece! WIP

sample list of goods that cost a copper piece

94 words

Klarica County

A Swynfaredian country shaped economically, politically and even metaphysically by a large lead mine

1491 words

Count of Klarica

127 words

Duke of Crescent Rock

the feudal lord of the Duchy of Crescent Rock

135 words

Moonstone County

the ruling demesne of the Duchy of Crescent Rock

558 words

County of Ferrous Valley

A Swynfaredian County based around an iron mine that no longer exists

777 words

County of Dusk's Glory

a Swynfaredian county with a modest coal mine and a storied history

511 words

Garan, Swynfaredian Baker

point of view character for the Swynfaredian common man

116 words

The Order of Nicola

regional Tender group centered on preventing and curing lead poison

561 words

Tapukeah Nicola

175 words


historical Scarterran men and women of legendary piety and legendary deeds, akin to saints

490 words

Cisco the Red

264 words

Duchy of Greater Gorisonad

the ancestral duchy of House Gorisonad

494 words

County of the Sage

394 words

Count of Moonstone

168 words

Count of Sages

199 words

Purple Cow Placeholder index

I created this to keep track of where my purple cows are to replace them later

185 words

I'd buy THAT for a silver piece! WIP

sample of list of goods that cost a silver piece

66 words

County of Selwyth

254 words

Duchy of Dwyns

economic powerhouse of Gorisonad family in northern Swynfaredia

380 words

Duchess of Dwyns

178 words

Red Pass County

520 words

Red Countess

193 words

County of Lesser Dwyns

the central county of of the the Duchy of Dwyns

373 words

County of Apples

251 words

Count of Apples

152 words

rabbits and hares

597 words

Urban Taxes

689 words

expenses of landed nobles

putting numbers on costs for maintaining noble estates

1574 words

alchemist's paper

ink and paper treated to be resistant to the elements

467 words

Writing Supplies

83 words

Duchy of Greater Numaness

the ancestral Duchy of House Numaness

519 words

Duchy of Greater Fremiss

the ancestral duchy of House Fremiss, now a shadow of its former self

293 words

Duchy of Greater Kovenoth

the ancestral duchy of House Kovenoth, now facing persistent hard times

451 words

Duchy of Gareth

the ancestral ducal home of House Gareth, Swynfaredia's middle child

729 words

Duchess of Gareth

171 words

Duchy of Amethysts

a Swynfaredian duchy shaped by their unique natural resource

729 words

amethyst trees

Purple leaved trees with good reagent potential

632 words

Duchy of Caedwin

Swynfaredia's most unorthodox and progressive duchy

727 words

Duchess of Caedwin

158 words

Duchy of Peredur

Swynfaredian duchy kept artificially small

423 words

Duchess of Peredur

181 words

Duchy of Bryallan

the political center of the Fremiss-Bryallans

287 words

Duke of Bryallan

152 words

Duchy of Sion

secondary ducal fiefdom of Fremiss-Bryallan, somewhat divided

405 words

Duke of Sion

142 words

County of Victory

autonomous duchy claimed directly by the Queen of Swynfaredia

438 words


143 words

demonic salt

cultural implications of salt coming from slain Void demons

837 words

salt, economics

overview of how salt is traded and used commercially

1072 words

Duchy of Nerseo

Swynfaredian duchy with large border with Uskala

802 words

Duchess of Nerseo

145 words

Duchy of Volodar

wooded coastal area in southeastern Swynfaredia

489 words

Duchess of Volodor

142 words

Duchy of Dragons' Mooring

Duchy supporting Swynfaredia's main seaport

433 words

Duchy of Andras

The mineral node of southeast Swynfaredia

393 words

Duke of Andras

137 words

How ordinary mortals worship the Nine

tent pole article summarizing common religious practices in Scarterra

3088 words

Duchy of Trysor

resource rich politically divided duchy in southwest Swynfaredia

344 words

Duke of Trysor

158 words

Duchy of Arfordir

modest coastal duchy in Swynfaredia

436 words

Duchy of Caregdya

Duchy acting as a microcosm for Fremiss' political divisions

339 words

County of Manasch

the ancestral home of House Manasch

289 words

Count of Manasch

195 words

County of Afon-Manasch

House Manasch's second county seat

302 words

Manasch Matriarch

307 words

Classes of Sorcerers in Swynfaredia

lengthy explanation of Swynfaredian social strata among sorcerers

2628 words


cereal crop that thrives in hot and dry climates

525 words

Duchy of Tirmyn

Resource rich duchy hampered by internal divisions

337 words

Duchess of Tirmyn

172 words

County of Aurdraig

235 words

Duchy of Gwynllan

Prosperous agricultural duchy hosting an ongoing political feud

394 words
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