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County of Selwyth

Originally, this was the ancestral, spiritual, and political center of House Selwyth.   The realm is gradually becoming a paper dragon as the economic work horses of the Selwyths are increasingly located elsewhere.


The government is a feudal realm acting as a vassal realm to the Duchy of Greater Gorisonad.

Industry & Trade

The region exports a lot of foodstuffs, a few cash crops, and a little bit of timber. Most of their exports go to the rest of the Duchy of Greater Gorisonad.


The County of Selwyth is the first major holding given to House Selwyth having done enough favors for House Gorisonad to be given this county seat.


Other than the county castle, which in Swynfaredian style is ostentatiously tall and covered in draconic imagery, the realm doesn't have a major construction.   The area is dotted with farming villages and a few modest baronial castles but there is nothing in the region that even generously be called a town.


Mostly flat plains covered with cultivated farms and carefully managed woodlands.


temperate with relatively mild winters

Natural Resources

The realm has fertile farmland and modest timberland. The land has a very small number of Silverwood trees.
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