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County of Argent Hills

The County of Argent Hills is so named because it has both a silver mine and a small number of Silverwood trees, both in a hilly region in a region otherwise dominated by plains.   Even though it is slightly less prosperous than it used to be, the realm remains one of the wealthiest Gorisonad holdings.

Industry & Trade

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The area is somewhat less cultivated than most of the Old Swynfaredia Region, but the region has lots of farms and generates a modest agricultural surplus.   The regions exports common timber and periodically exports small amounts of Silverwood. It also exports silver, most of which is minted in coins.


The realm has been a traditional House Gorisonad holding since the founding of the kingdom of Swynfaredia. Gorisonad never lost the territory even temporalily but they had so spill a lot of blood to keep it during the various Swynfaredian civil wars, though in a one case Silverwood trees were maliciously chopped down requiring decades for the grove to record.   Beyond a few exciting battles, the region has suffered slightly because the production of the silver mine has been slowly declining with new bursts of ore in the mine becoming smaller and less frequent.

Points of interest

There is a small town near the silver mine with various skilled artisans. Not as many silver smiths as you would think. The vast majority of the silver produced is minted into coins by the local Masks who have one of their largest temples in Swynfaredia here. The Phidas temple also doubles a bank, but not a very popular one with most dragon bloods prefering to take loans through the Arcane Registry
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About three quarters flat plains or gently rolling hills and about one quarter woodland.


temperate with relatively mild winters

Natural Resources

The region boasts fertile farmland, modest timberland with a few Silverwood trees interspersed in and a functioning luke warm silver mine. It hasn't had new silver ore in some time, it is expected to have such an event in the next ten years.
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