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County of the Sage

The County of the Sage is the personal fiefdom of the Duke of Greater Gorisonad, named for none other than Gorisonad the Wise.

Industry & Trade

The realm produces a lot food, but the univeristy town eats up any would-be surplus.   The main income generator is reagents production.   The University of Gorisonad is the most prestigious center of learning in all of Swynfaredia. Despite the name, House Gorisonad does not actually run the university, but they make a good side income monopolizing the shops and business which support the students and faculty via the small university town.


House Gorisonad began as a house of scholars and morphed into a house of spies, but the Gorisonads never completely dropped their scholarly ways.   The University of Gorisonad is in this realm and is still one of the greatest centers of learning in West Colassia though it is no longer the only university in Swynfaredia.

Points of interest

The Lair of Gorisonad is the original lair of Gorisonad the Wise and has been converted into a shrine in his honor for dragonphiles to visit.   The Library of Gorisonad and the University of Gorisonad is visited by dragonphiles and knowledge seekers alike.   Numaness managed to established an alchemist's university elsewhere and starve out the University of Gorisonad's alchemy college, but most other non-magical, non-alchemical studies are centered here. The University of Gorisonad has majority of Swynfaredia's greatest sages.   One of Swynfaredia's major Khemra temples is located in the univeristy town.


Mostly flat plains with a few hills and low lowlands adding texture to the map.   The areas is dominated by farm fields and carefully tended woods.   The region is very settled with no true wild places.


temperate with relatively mild winters

Natural Resources

The realm has good farmland. It has a magic font near the Ducal castle which helps feed some productive reagent groves.
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