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Duke of Greater Gorisonad

On paper, the Duke of Greater Gorisonad is no better or worse than any other duke or duchess, but informally this title holds more status as it is the original home of House Gorisonad.   The title is unisex and passes to the most direct heir with sorcery regardless of whether the heir a sorcerer or sorceress. The current title holder is a sorcerer and therefore a duke.


Pay ducal duties and administer to the basic needs and protections of the denizens of the duchy.


Collect taxes and income from Duchy of Greater Gorisonad. Status for controlling the homeland of House Gorisonad.   Command the loyalty and soldiers of the subordinate counties and their bannermen.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The ducal crown is a platinum and gold crown lined with multicolored gems vaguely ressembling the color pattern of Gorisonad the Wise.   The crown is second in grandeur only the royal crown of Swynfaredia.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Length of Term
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