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Countess of Victory

On paper, the title Countess of Victory is the same as any other hereditary county title in Swynfaredia, but that is effectively a farce, as hinted to by its pretentious name.   By tradition, the County of Victory would normally be a part of Duchy of Peredur but it is a personal fiefdom of the monarchy. The previous monarch was a king, not a queen and therefore he took the title "Count of Victory".   The position was originally created to grant additional status and economic perks to the Queen of Swynfaredia and no monarch has decided to divest himself or herself of the position since.


The Queen has significant economic benefits from acting as the Countess of Victory, but also status.   Whenever Gwendolyn ap Numaness is formally introduced by all her titles, she always likes Countess of Victory to be the last title given for punctuation.   "Presenting Queen Gwendolyn, ruler of Swynfaredia, Heiress to the Founders, the Dragon's Wings, Grand Duchess of Numaness, and Countess of Victory"
Nobility, Hereditary
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