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County of Victory

The County of Victory encompasses Blue River City, the former capital of Talama and the immediate lands around it. It is part of the personal demense of the Queen of Swynfaredia.


The County of Victory is an administrative oddity. It is the only county in Swynfaredia not part of a duchy. It is geographically and historically part of the Duchy of Peredur, but it is a personal territory of the Queen of Swynfaredia as opposed to the Duchess of Peredur.   The realm is ruled by a viceroy who is appointed by the Queen. Unlike the vast majority of Swynfaredia territorial leaders, the viceroy position is not hereditary and can replaced at any time by the Queen for any and no reason.   Originally the position of the vicreroy was relatively autonomous but since the current Queen, Gwendolyn ap Numaness, can cast Overland Flight as often as she wants, she spends a lot of time figuratively and literally looking over the viceroy's shoulder.

Industry & Trade

The economic driver of the County is of course Blue River City and the craftsmen and spell-casters concentrated there.  
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  The farms near Blue River City are fertile but not nearly sufficient to feed the city requiring the city to import food, primarily from the Duchy of Peredur.   Also a lot of farms that the County has are geared towards cash crops than bulk food stuffs.   The region has to import raw materials of all sorts from the Old Talama Region as a whole, much as it did when it was the capital of Talama.


The realm was the original capital of the nation of Talama. When Talama was conquered, Blue River City was the prize everyone wanted, but in the end, the queen ended up claiming it as her personal territory in a somewhat controversial move and has remained a royal fief since, a major source of the royal family's wealth.
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