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County of Dusk's Glory

The County of Dusk's Glory is named because it houses of the site of a famous battle in wars against Vladimir the Conqueror.   In modern times, the County of Dusk's Glory has seen few glorious events. It has mostly been an unexciting realm where people work their jobs and raise their families.

Industry & Trade

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The realm produces many things other than coal, but since the locals do not need coal to heat their homes, having both plenty of wood and peat to burn, the vast majority of coal is exported and the realm makes enough income that way that they need not export anything else.   The Countess pays her taxes in coal and makes most of her discretionary income from selling coal. The agricultural surplus from the peasant farmers goes to feed the miners.
  Like the other mines in the Duchy of Crescent Rock, the mines are worked by many goblin slaves.   Unlike the other mines, the mines are worked by a mix of paid human workers and goblin slaves. Many of the humans were apprenticed to dwarves.   The humans perform the more finesse tasks and the goblins perform the more dangerous and demeaning tasks.  
The mix of labor has created one of the most efficient and profitable coal mines in all of Sywnfaredia but it comes with a major downside. The goblins periodically try to murder their human "coworkers". The goblins usually fail, but that is little consolation to the human workers who of course demand hazard pay.
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The County of Dusk's Glory is named because it houses of the site of a major battle in the Vampire Wars. One of the first major pitched battles that the living humans won.  
During the conquest of Talama, the Talamans deliberately chose this as the site of a major battle of their defense, hoping that once against the underdogs would triumph over evil. They fought well, but they still lost.


Like most of the Duchy of Crescent Rock, the realm is dominated by forested gently rolling hills dotted with farms.


Temperate with hot summers and cold winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has some moderately productive farmland and most of the denizens are farmers.   There is also ample timberland as is the case in most of the Duchy of Crescent Rock.   What sets this apart in terms of resources is a modest coal mine.
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