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Duchy of Greater Gorisonad

The Duchy of Greater Gorisonad is the original province established for House Gorisonad by the founding dragons.   Like the other founding realms, the realm was gerrymandered because of political compromises over resources.


The realm is beholden by feudal ties to the Queen of Swynfaredia.   It is administratively divided into four counties in rough order of status: Count of Sages and County of Argent Hills controlled directly by House Gorisonad and the County of Chestnuts and Countess of Selwyth controlled by House Fremiss-Angharad and House Selwyth, respectively.


This has been the historical seat power for House Gorisonad, but most Gorisonad leaders didn't want to put all their eggs in one basket, so they don't keep all their best people and treasures here after all their house expansions.   The duchy only lost about 5% of their territory here after three Civil Wars there are unusually bitter about their tiny bit of land now in House Gareth hands which has stoked the Gorisonad rivalry with House Numaness.   Gorisonad did have to loosen the reins on their counties. Only two of the four counties are under the Gorisonad banner. One is under the banner of their vassal house House Selwyth and the other is under the banner of House Fremiss-Angharad. Both the two non-Gorisonads have little problem following their duke's lead.


The architecture is tall and grand and archetypically Swynfaredian, but the Gorisonads have generally invested in fewer expansions and grandiose building projects than the other founding houses.   They carefully maintain their castles and holdings but they are less prone to using grand buildings to flex status than the other major houses.


The region is mostly flat and not very wild at all. Almost every acre is either a cultivated field or a carefully tended woodland area.


Temperate with relatively mild winters

Natural Resources

The gerrymandered province is mostly dominated by farmland dotted with small carefully tended forests with a small number of heavily protected Silverwood trees.   The ducal castle is near a magic font.   There is also a luke warm silver mine.
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